shutterstock_278714162A holistic approach to dentistry is important because the teeth and their supporting structures, including the jaw joint and the muscles of mastication, are all part and parcel of the body. Therefore, problems that occur in the mouth can have implications on overall health. Holistic dentistry takes your entire well-being into account utilizing this “Mouth-Body Connection” approach.

Oral Conditions that can Affect Total-Body Health

There is substantial epidemiological evidence to suggest that periodontal (gum) inflammation can influence the course of systemic disease, especially cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes, and low birth-weight infants. More direct evidence through experimental studies suggests that the local inflammatory burden presented by periodontal infection causes an increased systemic inflammatory burden – i.e. local inflammation can be a modifier of systemic inflammation.

Bite problems can lead to a number of dental and overall health concerns, including severe wear on the teeth, teeth breakage, sensitive teeth, migraine headaches, chronic pain, TMJ Disorder, and other issues that can decrease overall quality of life. Other conditions, such as chronic mouth breathing, can affect jaw development that can lead to bite problems. An underdeveloped lower jaw and deep bite can predispose patients to develop snoring and sleep apnea.

Holistic dentistry involves the examination of your oral structures to determine whether they may be having an effect on other aspects of your health and livelihood. This area of dentistry also includes other practical applications, such as providing our patients with a “green” practice, utilizing mercury-free dental materials, and minimizing the use of substances that may be harmful to the environment. In the next blog entry, we’ll talk about some of the holistic measures we take at our practice and advanced treatment options that take your overall wellness into account.

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