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ALF Lightwire Orthodontics

ALF Lightwire Orthodontics is an innovative treatment that can help patients of all ages improve the functional and aesthetic effects of an underdeveloped jaw, jaw malposition, and crowded/crooked teeth. ALF stands for Advanced Lightwire Functionals, a non-traditional orthodontic approach that utilizes a flexible, removable oral appliance to deliver gentle forces that mimic natural growth and development processes to achieve optimal growth and function. This technique works similarly to cranial osteopathic practices, which promote the gentle manipulation of facial structures to address dysfunction and improve alignment. 

Our experienced dentist, Dr. Susie Ang, can meet with you or your child to help you determine whether ALF Lightwire Orthodontics is an ideal option for your needs.

What Are the Benefits of ALF Lightwire Orthodontics? 

The ALF Lightwire appliance is designed to correct misalignment, crowded teeth, and other orthodontic conditions by addressing the underlying causes. The device can very gently improve the jaws’ size and position, allowing more room for the teeth to align properly without extracting teeth to accomplish those goals. 

Compared to traditional braces, the ALF Lightwire appliance offers numerous benefits, including: 

  • The ALF appliance is barely noticeable. 
  • The forces used by the device are subtle and gentle, offering many patients a more comfortable experience. 
  • Daily oral hygiene maintenance is easier—patients can brush and floss normally.   
  • In addition to teeth misalignment, the appliance can improve breathing and swallowing, as well as the position and function of the tongue. 
  • The appliance can enhance facial development and improve imbalanced facial aesthetics. 
  • The ALF appliance can be helpful for children by working to guide facial growth and potentially minimize the severity of craniofacial or orthodontic problems that may appear later. 
  • For adolescents and adults, the ALF appliance can be used to address orthodontic relapse, and help individuals suffering from allergy due to restricted nasal airway, headache, TMJ Disorder, pain, clenching and grinding of teeth, ear problems, developmental delays/ ADHD. 

Dr. Ang can meet with you or your child to determine candidacy for this treatment. If the ALF Lightwire is not the ideal option, she can discuss alternative orthodontic treatments that may be more suitable for your goals. 

What Does the ALF Lightwire Orthodontics Treatment Process Involve? 

The ALF Lightwire treatment may be utilized as the primary orthodontic treatment or as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that combines additional procedures, depending on individual needs. The ALF appliance will be customized to provide the most comfortable and effective fit. Patients are expected to wear the appliance full-time. Like any orthodontic treatment, periodic observation and appliance adjustments are necessary.

For more information on ALF Lightwire Orthodontics, please contact us today. 

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