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MyobraceThe Myobrace® is an innovative technique essentially designed to help children prevent teeth misalignment and bite irregularities before these concerns can even develop. Often referred to as a “pre-orthodontic” treatment, the Myobrace® System involves a simple, removable orthodontic appliance that can be worn for brief periods during the day and throughout the night while sleeping. This state-of-the-art treatment, available here at the practice of Dr. Susie Ang, can help many children reduce the risk of developing a number of common orthodontic conditions.

What Are the Benefits of the Myobrace®?

The Myobrace® oral appliance offers numerous benefits for children between the ages of 3 and 15. A few of the many potential advantages of this treatment include:

  • Development of straighter teeth and proper bite alignment
  • Development of space in jaw and mouth for optimal tongue function and breathing
  • Little to no need for braces later
  • Prevent the need for extraction of permanent teeth to accommodate a future orthodontic treatment
  • Optimal facial development
  • Correction of poor oral habits

While there is no guarantee that all patients will be able to achieve all of the benefits for which the Myobrace® System strives to provide, the chances of successful treatment are greatly enhanced by strong compliance with the treatment protocol. Some patients in later stages of childhood development and those approaching adolescence may still need braces for additional correction; however, the Myobraces® System can dramatically shorten the time in which the braces will need to stay on.

During the initial consultation with Dr. Ang, she will evaluate your child’s needs, answer all questions, and determine their candidacy for this treatment.

How Does the Myobrace® System Work?

The goal of the Myobrace® System is to address poor myofunctional (muscle function) habits, aid proper development of your child’s bite alignment, and increase the chances that their teeth will be properly aligned when they come in. The Myobrace® is able to accomplish this by preventively addressing certain underlying causes that can contribute to misaligned teeth and bite irregularities later in life, which can include tongue-thrusting, mouth breathing, thumb-sucking, reverse swallowing, and other oral habits. A series of Myobrace® oral appliances will be prescribed for your child that are to be worn for a small number of hours each day (typically just 1 to 2) and while they sleep. The appliance is designed to help correct poor oral habits and diminish the possibility of improper jaw development and teeth misalignment. Additionally, the Myobrace® System includes a number of exercises called Myobrace® Activities that are to be used in tandem with the oral appliance. These involve twice-daily exercises for the cheeks, lips, and tongue, along with exercises focused on breathing and swallowing, that can be performed while your child is wearing the appliance.

By addressing poor habits early, the Myobrace® System makes it possible to allow adequate room for permanent teeth to erupt in a more naturally straight position and enhances the potential for proper bite alignment.

If you have questions about the Myobrace® System, please contact Dr. Susie Ang today.

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